Crazy Quilt Squares

Crazy quilt panels

I started crazy quilting last year.  My Mom is a quilter but she likes to do really precise things.  I prefer the more haphazard style of crazy quilting.  I took a couple classes to learn more stitches and to get ideas.  Looking at my first panels, I can see my inexperience; I really stuck to the seams and didn’t really meander about.  I also did some experiements and came up with stitches on my own that I later learned how to do properly.  I haven’t really done any embroidery all winter.  There is something about knitting on cold winter nights…

My daughter had the great idea of turning some of these squares into elegant handheld clutches.  Another summer project.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt Squares

    1. Sally I recommend a book called A Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches by Carole Samples, you have to keep checking for it because it only gets reprinted every so often and when it does get reprinted it goes very fast. Thank you so much for your compliments to my work. Check out some of my other pieces too. They definitely get better over time. Also try adding in some Brazilian embroidery to your work, beaded embroidery and look into ribbon embroidery too, to make it even more ornate. You can really get some beautiful stuff just by mixing up the many styles and kinds of embroidery.

      Good luck, it is an art form that just gets better with lots of practice.

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