Patchwork Plus

So I started the day off with a road trip to a yarn and quilt shop.  They carry a wide variety of threads, unlike my usual haunt Mission Rose, and they carry ribbons, like my most detested needlework shop.  Okay so an explanation is in order.  You know when you go in a store and it feels like you are being watched for shoplifting (when I was a teenager there was a store in the mall where you JUST KNEW they were watching) well I go into this needlework shop and I swear she looks into my purse at the checkout EVERY TIME.  So I would rather drive for 45 minutes than to deal with this place.  By the way I haven’t stolen anything like ever.  I also haven’t seen much in the way of cottons or bamboo or hemp at Mission Rose, so I drove to this place I had only been to once with my Mom last summer.  I got some cottons and some hemp for a purse, and some nice purple for a tunic from a Vogue Knitting that I have been admiring for two years.  My daughter was sick so I went to the store and saw that the International Fiber Collaborative is hanging the installation.  See next post.

Cotton and hemp yarns


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