Greek Key and Checkerboard Felted Purse

Felted Wool purse

Just a big bag, I think it would be great as a knitting bag, or a carry all, for example when you have to go to dance lessons with your child or a doctor’s appointment and you want to bring a couple toys for the little one, a couple magazines and maybe a sweater.  Love it!  Lined in unbleached muslin and timtex for shape.  Really gorgeous purse.  I used a blue for the body and a linen color for the pattern.

2 thoughts on “Greek Key and Checkerboard Felted Purse

  1. Sylvia,

    This is a pattern I made up, the bag and the pattern are for sale, but I have not yet set up a pay pal or visa account. My friend and I are starting a business selling bags, but are only in the beginning stages.

    Meg, author of Fiber Mania.

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