A trip to Mission Rose

Debbie Bliss black cotton purse with scrolling pink hearts

Mission Rose Knittery and Quiltery http://www.missionrosequiltery.com/is a local yarn and fabric store, just a couple short miles from my work.  Every time there is a month with five Thursdays they have a 20% off sale.  So…of course I had to go.  I purchased some fabrics for a collage I have had in my head for about 3 years, and some purse lining fabric and also this dark grey, almost black cotton yarn with a mauvy pink contrasting color.  One of my co-workers was admiring my organic cotton purse and said she would love something like that in these colors, so in hopes of a sale, I purchased the yarn.  I have enough left over for a slung purse, like the one I always carried in college, just big enough for money, keys, an ID and of course now a cell phone and maybe an IPod.  This second purse is black with pink skulls, so cute and hip, when I finish I will post it.  This Debbie Bliss yarn http://www.debbieblissonline.com/ is lovely soft and doesn’t split. LOVE IT!


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