New Cotton Purse

Nature Cotton Purse

This purse was made using Araucania Nature Cotton  It is a yummy soft yarn with bumplees (I know this isn’t a word but it has thicks and thins and it creates a texture that is bumpy but not big bumps, thus bumplees.  I am making a second purse using the light color which is not a describable color (it isn’t grey, it isn’t soft pink, but almost a pinkish hue in the light, but maybe it is pale blue) As the background with blue anchors.  Will post when it is done which will be very soon.  I have set asside some of my purse making to make a sweater that has been a UFO since last summer.  This sweater is knitted from the top down with a raglan sleeve using Louet’s Euroflaxn yarn  It is beautiful to knit on which is wonderful because it is a very fine knit using a size 4 needle.  Love the texture of this flax yarn, but I understand that once washed the texture is to die for.  Cannot wait to see what it looks like when it is done.

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