Where have I been?

Family Room
Family Room

 I decided to redecorate the family room and my studio and to redecorate my bedroom.  MY family room was an acid green with lavendar curtains, which I never really like the color scheme so I toned down the green with the inside of a lime green and RIT dyed my lavendar curtains VIOLET.  I also put in a desk/table for the sewing machine, so it would be on the dining room table all the time and reorganized (and painted the bare dry wall) of my crafts closet.  Really pretty.  I have to admit that the hubby didn’t want it to be the same color as the kitchen, which it kind of is but I just knew what it needed and so to compromise I painted all of the big accents (cellar door, closet door and my aforementioned crafts (walk-in) closet a dark and rich green.  The same color but a different finish from the green I painted the trim in the bedroom. The orange is just an accent color.   With Corey and Michelle’s help I hung jute shades and removed the ugly and unpractical curtains.  Even with my spatial intelligence I could not figure out the shade brackets so Corey and Michelle came over to help, since they had already dealt with the lousy directions in their own house and had already figured it out.  I already owe Corey pie for him splitting my wood, so I guess I will have to get out my apron on for the shades too.

Color Scheme for Remodelled bedroom
Color Scheme for Remodelled bedroom

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