Tapa Tote

I literally spent the entire day yesterday knitting, my hands ache today from the long day.  I worked on another Tapa patterned purse.  This time it will be a tote with two sides a front and back and a bottom.  I had planned on making it a little bigger but am really happy with how it turned out.  I counted stitches and it should be 12 inches across but is only ten.  I guess that the tension that I create when making patterns is obvious.  This tote is made from Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep, wool and mohair blend.  I will line it in unbleached muslin and the fastener will be a nice wooden button that I have.  I also worked all day on a round purse using Noro yarn, Transitions, a cashmere, silk, wool, angora and camel blend.  It looks like a hat!  I know!  I even tried it on and it fits….after I took this photo I tore it out and instead of a gradual decrease I did two k2tgr rounds and bound it off on the inside using a three needle bind off method that Michelle taught me and I have since taught to my Mom.  I also made the handles as the closure and wove two through the top so it looks like a basket weave at the top.  It is nice and thick and does not need a lining so I also knit an inside pocket by picking up stitches inside and knitting up.  It is really cute.

Tapa patterned tote
Tapa patterned tote


Noro yarn hat/purse?
Noro yarn hat/purse?

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