Three new bags





Berroco yarn purses
Berroco yarn purses

I had this intention to get these bags lined before school started, I guess I know how I will spend the afternoon…cause I only have a couple more days.  The top two bags are two gorgeous variegated yarns called Jasper by Berroco, with fabric that I will have featured in the “Sonya” bag (named for my cousin) in neutrals.  The lovely fabric has irridescent circles in regular rows and patterns, the blue bag it is hard to see the color of the lining because of the reflection but is a pale turquoise, I think Michelle had picked out another color and I have to check with her, but our official style consultant said the pale turquoise was best.

Noro yarn purse
Noro yarn purse
The third bag is another yarn by Noro, it seems to be a 100% wool kind but I lost the tag and cannot remember I just know it is different from the one I knitted a couple weeks ago.  One similarity is that it is so thick and dense it needs no lining.  I actually really like this bag alot and if it doesn’t sell I may have to confiscate it…for the uh…flaws… 😉 I just love the variegated yarns when knitting and when looking, I like to watch the colors arrive in their time and then move on to the next row to see what wonderfully rich thing will come next.  And then when you are done the colors never disappoint. 

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