A trip to Cooperstown

Yarn from an Art Fair
Yarn from an Art Fair


We headed down to Cooperstown, with a plan of going to the Ommegang Brewery for a tour and tasting, and then to the Baseball Museum, apparently so did a lot of other people because neither actually happened, we did go to the brewery but no tour, no tastings.  The line at the Baseball Hall of Fame was out the door and they were only letting in a few people at a time.  But we were quite lucky that there was an art fair in town and we walked about a mile through town to get to it.  The day was lovely and the walk quite pretty.  At the fair I was able to talk to one woman about displaying her purses, and another about wool.  The woman with the purses told me that in town there was a gift shop that sold a lot of felted purses.  Michelle and I don’t like felting much because the bags always look lopsided, but I thought I would try a couple so I bought four skeins of yarn, 2 of a gorgeous green varigated Dorset wool and 2 of a lovely natural Bartlett wool.  The company was called Amondale Farms.  It was a gorgeous day and a lovely trip.  I really had a great day…despite the minor setbacks.

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