Westcott Street Fair Part 2

It was a very grey day and it misted and was pretty cold most of the day.  We were lucky to be right near Karen and Dick’s house so we had access to a bathroom that wasn’t a portapotty, Karen also provided us with wool sweaters and a wool wrap that helped with the damp.  I went for a walk towards the end of the day and signed up to volunteer at the Peace Council and ate a delicious coconut macaroon.  It was a good place to people watch too, a lot of fun and interesting people.  We had lots of lookers and a few buyers.  We made up the cost of the fair and then some each I made enough money to buy groceries and gas this week which it was looking like I might not be able to (boy is money tight right now) and we also both noted which bags seemed over priced and which bags most people were drawn to.  We figure that at the Plowshares event this year we will definately make money.  We are also thinking about a spring craftshow and perhaps a mid summer one too.  Plenty of friends stopped by our booth and all in all it was a great day, even though my poor toes were grape popsicles by the time I got home.

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