Alpaca Extravaganza



Another alpaca
Another alpacaAlpaca and Llama yarns

So in the pouring rain Michelle and I treked off to the NY State Fairgrounds to see the Alpaca show.  Here is a question:  How do people where Birkenstocks in the winter?  My feet were soaked immediately after stepping out of Michelles truck.  We were initially pretty disappointed because we thought there would be way more fiber art related things to do.  There were a few small vendors, selling a variety of items.  We did get to compare one vendors purses and prices and I am convinced we need to sell our bags at a lower price.  Michelle isn’t convinced yet, I think but I will definately be changing some of the prices of my bags for the Plowshares show.  I saw a couple of women spinning on a wheel and discovered a spinning guild in the area! YAY!  Then we discovered the mother lode, a corner of the shed had a wide variety of yarns, knitted and woven products, stuff animals made of alpaca fur etc.  I bought a small bundle of roving and a spindle for a riduculously cheap price.  Seriously can you believe it was only 16$?   Now if only I can find a spinning wheel at a similar bargain life will be complete, and I will never set foot out of doors again except to get more fiber!

Alpaca and Llama yarns
Alpaca and Llama yarns

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