Drop spindle and the JOY of fiber

First attempt at yarn
First attempt at yarn

I would love to see other people’s first drop spindle attempts, can it possibly look as bad as mine?  I am desperate to get more roving to see if i can improve my skills (because at this point I have “mad skills” on the drop spindle).  I should not feel too badly, I remember tearing knots out of my embroidery for hours as a child.  I still rip out knitted items, only now I view these tear outs as part and parcel of the process of knitting, but alas with no one to show me the error of my ways I am left to fumble with it by myself.  Isn’t it a glorious thing to behold, mistakes that you can laugh at without fear of critcism.  “What a horror!” you say as you look at your bumpy and weak strands of yarn.  And laugh because you know it is just the beginning and someday your yarn will be as beautiful as your best painting, your most intricate embroidery or the warmest fuzziest and most comfortable sweater you ever made.  HEHE the joy of fiber is in my soul…now there is no going back.

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