A Spinning Wheel

Okay so I did it but not exactly as I expected it to be…I have been saving slowly for a spinning wheel, five dollars here, ten there, a couple twenties leftover from selling paintings, and a part time job at Mission Rose.  But as I researched the cost I knew I had a long long ways to go before I could afford a spinning wheel.  Then a couple days ago, as I headed into the food co-op, a locally owned organic grocery, I noticed a sign for a used spinning wheel with carders, sheep fiber, a lazy kate, several spools and an Ashford Traveler.  I called the woman immediately because the price was unreal, compared to what I was seeing for a new wheel – alone.  I went to her home and she was lovely, really I felt immediately connected to her and she was like a little drop of love from the universe.  As she said, everything happens for a reason, and god (or is it God) brought you here today.  Anyway, enough of my spiritual gobbledygook.  So I bought it!  I have to repay my savings account when I get my check from working on the school yearbook, but I saved at least half what it would have cost to get a new one.  I came home and immediately tried it.  I have a thing to say here. I DESPISE the color brown, I dislike brown leather coats, I dislike brown leather purses and I only tolerate brown leather shoes because you cannot wear black with navy blue.   Just for the record I have never liked brown or orange.  Orange is the one color I just cannot stand.  It is ugly, I only like it in pumpkins and oranges.  Seriously.  But for some odd reason people always buy me stuff or give me stuff with brown in it.  I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth and I am sorry to rant here…but gees’.  Now that I have a two sided closet that I do not have to share with anyone I have everything brown on one side and everything I actually wear and use on the other.  So someone gave me some roving, again I don’t mean to be persnickity but it’s brownish orange…really?  Oh yeah.  But I saw it as a blessing today…what perfect roving to practice on with my new spinning wheel.  So I did.  I did okay too.  My yarn is bumpy and it broke a couple times but I was really getting the hang of it and it really beats the drop spindle by the power of 10 – at least.

A used Ashford Traveler Spinning wheel
A used Ashford Traveler Spinning wheel

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