Shen Wei

My friend Karen is a musician and when she was younger a dancer.  She is many years, decades even older than I but I connect with her on an artistic, spiritual and intellectual level.  Over the years she and her life partner, who is my yoga teacher, have given us tickets to various cultural events, if they were unable to attend.  They have season tickets to many of the local symphony’s, operas and so forth.  So I was able to return the favor for once when my boss, Carol Terry, who is very active in the local arts community, offered free tickets to see the culmination of an artist in recidency program for Shen Wei.  Shen Wei choreographed a portion of the Bejing olympics.  It was a symposium really where they talked about the inspiration of the Tibetan people, The Silk Road and Bangor Wat in the dance.  It was a shortened performance, put together in only a three days that will be coming back here to Syracuse in September for the full performance.  It will be a “don’t miss” kind of thing.  Truly inspirational and cutting edge dance.

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