A wonderful day

I finally got around to hot gluing the spools for my spinning wheel. The ends were popping off which the previous owner warned me about, telling me that the woodstove dries out the wood on the spools and causes the glue to fail over time.  It was a simple task, given that of course I have a glue gun, two in fact, one high temp and one low (hahaha still burns the crap out of your fingers).  Once repaired wow the spinning wheel was working again.  The tops being loose is a problem because they spin on the spool instead of remaining still when the tops are on tightly it allows the yarn to wind onto it while you are spinning.  I have been watching some youtube videos of spinning and think I am doing okay!  I had to wind some yarn from a broken spool onto an unbroken one to be able to glue it and noted that my yarn is not too stretchy a good thing and also that it wasn’t breaking when I was winding it, strongish but not yet great.  I am pleased with my progress.

I wanted to post these images of the quilts that were hanging in the show yesterday.

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