The Truth Is

The last month or so I have been diligently working to complete several projects and the truth is I have had to because I had nearly every set of needles on yarn.  When I wanted to start new projects I couldn’t find the needles.  I have sock yarn ready to go too but I cannot find my sock book, the one that is perfect, has a basic sock direction (because I always forget the turn heel part and the kitchener stitch at the toe), it also has some of the most beautiful patterns in it for color knitting, simple ones with the right number of spaces so you never get bunching or pulling in the yarn.

Uruaguay Chunky
Uruaguay Chunky

 Some of my finishing projects are hopefully to enhance the teaching aspect of my life… a hat made of this soft fabulous cashmere and silk Uruguay Chunky yarn from Queensland Collection.  It is a gorgeous blue/indigo.  I made it too long expressly to go over a pony tail in the hair.  The pattern is my own.  Also, a purse made of Cascade Yarn,  Mission Rose carries a wide variety of colors, whenever I worked on this purse in public invariable someone would make a comment about a Madame DeFarge from A Tale of Two Cities knitting the registry at the guillotine. 

So Much Yarn
So Much Yarn

So Little Time

 I have been so busy with the committee I work on at work, chiropractic appointments, the curriculum writing group I work with, yoga, the Zen center, and just general yardwork and household tasks that I have had little time to actually sit down and work on my stuff.  Today I woke up at 6:45 and literally leapt out of bed.  I spent a solid hour spinning.  It was wonderful.  Now it is still before nine and I am catching up on my blogging and have a sewing project (SHH! a secret gift for someone I love).  I still need to mow the lawn, go to the grocery store, hang my second load of laundry on the clothesline and go to yoga.  I love having a day off!


One thought on “The Truth Is

  1. What a spectacular bag. I just LOVE it. Lordy, girl, you sure are creative. Wow. That bag is soooooooo cute. and I like the hat too. Hugs. Mom

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