Several years ago I had asked an older family member of a family friend to teach me how to tat.  Apparently tatting with a shuttle is quite difficult and few people can do it any more much less teach it.  Today I had the opportunity to learn how to needle tat with the Crazy Quilting maven Ms. Connie Ostness.  I found it relatively easy because it is quite similar to a knitting cast on stitch I just learned from the great grandmother of one of my elementary students.  I am really thrilled that I am learning how to do this.  Now if only I had the time to enjoy all of the wonderful things I now know how to do.  Including spinning some of the fabulous Finn Sheep yarn I bought from Elizabeth at StillMeadow Farms, a gorgeous rose and a lovely “blue jeans” indigo color. 

Finn Sheep Rovings
Finn Sheep Rovings

I want to mention this excellent book by Barbara Foster called Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step.  It is a great book with excellent photo directions.  It is very clear and easy to use.  I think I prefered to have a human teacher to show me the first steps but I know that if you are trying to learn needle tatting on your own, this book is the one to go to.   You can see my first loop, loop chain and flower with loops and chains.  I think I did really well.

First Attempts at Needle Tatting
First Attempts at Needle Tatting

4 thoughts on “Tatting

  1. Well done. Now you’ve mastered the needle you’ll find the shuttle relatively easy to use. There’s loads of tatters online nowadays so just search for us and you’ll get all the help you need. Lots of free patterns and books too.

    1. Jane,
      I would love love love to learn how to tat with a shuttle. Thanks for your encouraging words. Maybe I will ask that family friend again!


  2. I’ve just had news (and seen first hand) a new DVD which has been produced here in the UK giving excellent instructions on shuttle tatting. It’s ‘hot off the press’ and should be available soon. The group who have produced it will be selling it at little more than cost plus postage and packing. Just thought I’d add a bit more encouragement towards your quest to learn!!

  3. Ditto what Jane said! There are tons of tatters out there now, both shuttle and needle tatters. It’s easiest to learn from someone directly, but these days with YouTube and DVD’s with clear videos…it’s SO MUCH EASIER than it was in 1997 when I taught myself from a book. Good luck!
    🙂 Gina

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