I am feeling very amatuerish after reading a book about spinning, spinning woolens spinning worsted, who knew.  I always thought woolen described the type of fiber ie from wool.  And worsted described the size of the yarn.  HA!  I have no idea what I am spinning, I fan the roving spreading it out in a triangle from the spin, sometimes long lines of fiber gets twisted in.  It is thick it is thin it is bumpy and long long lines of smooth even twist.  Oh dear I have no idea what I am doing.  Michelle asks what are you going to do with all that hot pink yarn.  Make a baby sweater I say – at least my mistakes will only be worn for a short period and then put into goodwill.  I will not label it with our business labels.  I will not lay claim to my early morning foibles and frustrations.  I have a confession this Finn sheep yarn seems to spin itself.   It is so soft I want to bury my fingers in the rovings.  I touch the yarn on the spool.  Oh it is so glorious and gorgeous.  I stop to pick out bits of hay and start again, steady even feet.  Pedal, pedal fan and twist.  I spin for a long time, better hot pink than 70’s turquoise, orange and brown – ick.  I will call it Raspberry Sherbert and the other Bad Acid.

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