Oh Dear I Think I May Be Addicted to Yarn.

Sirdar Snuggly babybamboo
Sirdar Snuggly babybamboo
Ella Rae Amity afghan yarns
Ella Rae Amity afghan yarns

So I have been dutifully working to knit off many projects from needles.  I had run out of needles onto which to add new projects so I vowed to no longer start any projects until I had finished EVERYTHING I had started. Ha. Ha. Ha.  Since then I had to rip off a purse from one set of needles to knit a sweater for Olive (see previous post)  I started a skirt after ripping out a cotton silk blend in a lovely purple that was the most awful sweater ever,  looked HORRENDOUS on me.  I also started a pair of green, teal, blue and yellow wool socks.  But today I finished a wool vest for Morgan and now have exactly four more rows to knit on a linen sweater I started three (or was it four?) years ago.  But then I had to go to a yarn store with my Mom and had to buy yarn to knit an afghan for a coworker who is getting married, and yarn to make a 2 baby sweaters to sell at the Plowshares Festival next year.  Oh and did I mention the afghan book and the baby sweater books I had to purchase because I cannot make up my own patterns without a baby to measure and I am afghan clueless.  Sweaters for the daughter or me, a hat, socks, mittens, fingerless gloves yes.  Baby sweaters and afghans not so much.  But after this no holds barred.  I came home and immediately started knitting.  I have a baby sweater to finish and a bag I will never finish and that purse to stick back on the needles and finish.  Then afghan and baby sweaters here I come.  Oh I cannot wait.  Did I mention that my hemp satchel is full of yarn oh over flowing, and my little settee, and the cupboard and the shelves and the little mini cart.  Oh forget it. I LOVE YARN!!!!!

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