In search of … socks

I set myself up to sit on the front porch with a bottle of kombochu, purchased at the health food store while I was there buying my neighbor some crystalized ginger and ginger tea.  His cancer treatment has left him unable to taste and someone told him to eat ginger,  he told me he was going to eat the powdered cooking ginger and I told him NO don’t eat that.  Just wait I will be back in a little while.  After yoga I went to the store and bought him a bag.  He isn’t home when I get back but shortly after rings my bell, after I give him the tea and ginger he tells me “thank you, dear”.  I smile. 

I am looking for my socks the wool ones I started a couple weeks ago.  Royal blue, teal, moss green, yellow and white patterned wool socks.  In my quest I discover two other projects I have forgotten about, on needles.  As I hunt for the socks I curse, shit shit shit.  I am not done with my frenzy of knitting off needles, shit shit shit.  I find my socks and tell my daughter “vampira” to join me on the steps.  She leans into me and I find it impossible to knit.  After a moment I say hey read your book I am trying to knit here.  She wraps both of her arms around me squeezing my arms so I cannot move them and puts her legs over my lap.  I scream in mock horror.  She giggles.  She says she wants me to make her mittens in the patterns I am making into socks.  Really?  I ask, dubious, will you actually wear them?  She gives me an eye like the ogress on the Dark Crystal.  Okay I say but if I make them you have to wear them.  Oh no I think,  I am beginning to fill my needles again….shit shit shit.  Not really though.  I love it.

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