One of a Perfect Pair

This pattern comes from Philosophers Wool   “Sock Hop” book.  It’s patterns are incomparable, so perfect, even a designer such as myself cannot improve upon them.  Knit in Sisu 75% wool 25% acrylic.  Although, honestly the yarn is a bit rough on bare feet, it suffices with thin cotton socks underneath in these upstate New York winters.  If I were using them to keep the feet warm in the woods of course the cotton wouldn’t do, but for city living…… I call the color scheme Sol Y Mar a nice image in the dead of winter, to see the sun and sea, imagine sailing on an Aegean sea toes basking in the sun.   Ahhh.   I used my size 3 bamboo double points.  (I despise metal for double point needles too slippery and always losing stitches off the end).  I also use a two finger carry method, since the patterns never use more than two yarns at one time for a pattern (which is one of the reasons they are so incredibly workable), if I had a third yarn color I would use a continental on the left hand but with only two I use my index finger for the main color and the middle finger for the second color.  It is a fast way of knitting the patterns, at least for me.  Although the pattern calls for one color on the toe, I knit in a second color, this adds an additional layer of knitting which is not too bulky but seems warmer to my toes even if it is only in my head. 

Sol Y Mar
Sol Y Mar

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