Madame LaFarge

Madame La Farge Knitting Bag
Madame La Farge Knitting Bag

I left out a most important part the bag says “so much yarn so little time” and then “knit 2 purl 2” twice around the bottom.

I designed this purse myself.  I finally finished it and lined it two days ago.  On the good side of this day I have completed the linen sweater, and am on the short tiny sleeves of a baby sweater for the Plowshares show in December.  The purse above, named after a character in a Charles Dickens novel who sat and knit the names of everyone who stepped up to meet their maker at the guillotine.  It sounds grotesque in this context, but the lovely gentleman who first brought it to my attention left a warm place in my heart.  He tried desperately to get his wife to buy one of our bags and she just wouldn’t.  I used Cascade yarns,  a wonderful array of colors and you could make this bag in any colors.  I choose a whimsical skull and cross bones fabric, where the crossbones are knitting needles and the eyes, nose and mouth look sort of like balls of yarn.  I think this bag is for me, but I haven’t decided yet.


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