A new stuffed animal

This giraffe seems to be a big hit with elementary age kids.  Both my friend’s neice and my neice have expressed interest in taking Gilbert (pronounced Zheel Behr) home.  He is made of cotton fabric, metallic thread and buttons, is stuffed with polyfil and has aluminum armature wire inside his legs.  I am still working on an armadillo and a wonderful new doll whose name has not been whispered in my ear yet.  While I was working on this new doll today, Gilbert was standing on my sewing table looking out the window into the back yard.  He really enjoyed watching the squirrels chasing each other around the maple tree.  He also reminded me to fill the bird feeders and that the lawn needs mowing. 

Stuffed Giraffe
Stuffed Giraffe
Gilbert Giraffe detail
Gilbert Giraffe detail


During the week I was at a workshop and while there came up with an idea for a series of dolls which will also become a painting.  I am going to begin working on it before I have to get back to teaching.  Look for them to appear on here in the near future.


    • Hey Mom,

      I honestly don’t remember where I got that fabric. One of the quilt stores in town I am sure. 🙂 Thanks, he is a lovely fellow!

      • Not really. People that buy them are so charmed by them that they adopt them with love! I know they have gone on to a new happy home. Gerry for example was adopted by Sue and she adopted a second one five minutes later ’cause she didnt want Gerry to be lonely!!

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