Stuffed Crow and Stuffed Armadillo

I spent the weekend sewing stuffed animals, finishing up two, and starting two and finishing one of these.  One I have to wait to show until after Christmas because it is for my Mom. 

One is the crow I started about six months ago…his name is Alistair Crowley and he has a fondness for Carrion Truffles.  Yummy! 

Alistair Crowley hamming it up
Alastair Crowley

The second animal is an armadillo and it is funny I had this idea that his head had to come out from under his shell but after fussing with it for MONTHS I saw a wooden armadillo at the school library and realized it really truly did not have to, so this weekend I just sewed it on straight.  The other thing that happened is that the cat go ahold of his tail before I had sewn it on and the cat thought it was quite a fun toy.  I found it while doing some more thorough vacuuming ie moving the furniture about, then I stuck it in my sweatshirt pocket and had to hunt for it again.  Finally, I had the tail ready to go this weekend.  So here is Arnie Dillo.  His stage name of course, his real name is Dez Serratt. 

Dez Serratt

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