Shadow Box

Just a little something I am working on.  It has a deadline at the end of the month so my goal is to do one a day.  Today I added to 3 of these and completed 3 others (I think!)

The leather from this hirsute creature came for some Stickley furniture leather samples my friend Joe had.  He is an artist and a hoarder of some reasonable or almost reasonable sort.  He passed on several pieces of this top quality stuff.  I tried stuffing The Hirsute One with polyfil but hated it because you could see it poking out around the loosely sewn leather.  So I went and found some of the hideous “Acid Trip” rovings my daughters father gave me and stuffed it.  But then I thought how cool would it be if it stuck out thinking of leather and fur together.  Perfect.

I was an anthropology minor in college, archaeology mostly but when this female figure was coming together all I could think of was this figure which appeared in all of my archaeology books and most of my history of art books.  The Minoan Snake Goddess…Ariadne or in Etruscan mythology Areatha.

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