Steampunk Window Box

I finally completed the last of the dolls.  I think they will stay more or less in this state, we shall see what happens once I start to add bottoms to them and set them into the windows.  Today I will be spray painting the box, and then starting to think about how to attach them.  I have considered dowels inside attached to the frame, hot glue and velcro.  Not sure yet what will happen.  I also have some items to attach to the frame and am not sure what I will do with those yet.

steampunk winow
Steampunk Shadowbox

One of my favorites came while meditating last weekend.  The Zen Steampunk girl.  I was thinking that since the symbol for Zen is a circle, a gear would be a funny way of making the circle and add a steam punk element.  This weekend while watching Serenity, which some say has steampunk elements I was intrigued by the sword fighting scenes and the Buddhist mystique.  I also know that the transcendentalist movement was big in the Victorian times, so I am curious about the idea of combining the spiritual with steampunk.

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