Stuffed Zuni Style Bear – Spirit Bear – Crescent Bear

Okay this guy is so cute.  One of the spiritual animals that I have come to find solace in is the bear.  When my daughter’s father was out west he was friends with a Native American man, not sure of the details but somehow he came up with the bear as being around him but not about him specifically.  Interesting because I was like a mother bear with her cub with my daughter, very protective, willing to fight anyone to keep her safe.

I frequently wore earrings with a bear symbol on them, again from the Zuni tradition during that time, even before I knew about my daughter’s father’s encounter;  I also wore a bear necklace that broke soon after my former husband entered my life.

Then when my marriage dissolved my Mom gave me a Zuni bear necklace and earrings.  Then the bear kept coming up, in readings, in songs, in various places so I decided to make myself a bear last week. There is also a bear symbol in the Buddhist and Celtic traditions which I have a certain affinity to.   I am planning to make more because it is easy to make and it looks really cute, I think.

A stuffed bear with sun and moon and star images

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