Alistair Crowley

Alistair Crowley

This is Alistair Crowley (Al ih STAIR CROW lee).  He has his own Facebook page.

This is the cast of Carnivale a wonderful dark magic television series which was unfortunately canceled.

Cast of Carnivale Televsion Series

What do the two have in common?  Actually I am so jealous because one of these actors has just friended Alistair.  I think this is about the coolest thing ever.  I LOVED this show.  And I think about the metaphors and the amazing storyline frequently.  Anyway.  I have to share Alistair’s news he has been sitting on my shoulder pecking my ear and harassing me to post this on my blog.

One thought on “Alistair Crowley

  1. So the Actor mentioned is actually friending my crow Alistair too, not the infamous Alister Crowley Satanist. (yuck). It turns out he has known my Uncle for 35 years. Still cool as hell.

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