Gingko Buddha

First attempts are not always perfect right?

Ginko Buddha

I have been drawing various incarnations of this Buddha for a few days.  I will be making another.  I made some mistakes while making it that I need to fix for next time.  One issue was the left arm is too big.  The other that the hara opening was sewed using a mattress stitch witch I think looks messy. Also not entirely happy with the head.  Not sure what the problem is just critical of my work.

I love the gingko tree.  It is a wonderful tree.  I first heard about it from my daughter’s father who told me they were almost extinct, and that they are the only species of tree with both a male and a female of the species.  The first turned out to be untrue but the second is quite true indeed.  I was looking into the the symbolism of the gingko tree and discovered that it is a living fossil, some form of it has existed for 270 million years.  A symbol of survival and longevity perhaps.  It also has fire retardant properties and four gingko trees survived the bombing of Hiroshima!  Wow.

I hung a tiny pink pearl in the hara.  This to me is a symbol of the soul.  How it is a bit of grit that starts the process of forming a pearl.  It is time that forms it’s substance.  Time and perhaps some meditative growth.  I like the idea of the pearl being inside me when I meditate.  I notice it.  I breathe.


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