Lies I tell myself

I had this notion that I didn’t do anything today.  But I did.  I painted one painting and worked on a second and if I could find a micron pen that actually works I would finish another.  It is just that I didn’t do any of the stuff I NEEDED to do around the house.

This is a doodle I started this weekend for my cousin’s daughter Ashli.  She wanted me to create a drawing for her.  So I started it.  Will wanted me to make a picture of the rest of the dragons face to go with the Dragon Eye he bought from me last year.

Fish Doodle, Tattoo style that I did for my neice Ashli

Today go to the store to buy a micron pen.  Tomorrow work on a doodle of a Dragon Nostril for Will i am.

One thought on “Lies I tell myself

  1. Okay the question is why do I call my cousins daughter my niece? Long story. I think of Will as being like a brother. Interesting my daughter calls him Uncle F(8&%er. She is my cousin though Ashli. My cousin.

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