The woman who collected elephants

Elephant Doodle

convivo, convivo, convivo.

I wake with this word echoing in my mind.  I suspect that since we are all connected in some way that I have a deep understanding of this word and what it means.  My Spanish is abysmal, I look it up on an online translation.  How do I even know this word.  I do not know.

I live with elephants.  At least I do now.  For the last two years elephants are just coming my way.  I had teak bookends with tiny ivory tusks from Thailand, that my uncle gave my mom when he “wasn’t” loading bombs on planes headed to Cambodia.  The tiny decorated elephant photo holder that I bought for someone else but was left behind, and a single elephant candle holder were all I had two years ago.  Now I have over twenty elephants.  I would have more but some were broken in the mail.  Two glass elephants, marble bookends, a set of gorgeous paper mache elephants, a book about elephants filled with pictures of romping babies and protective mothers, a handful of tiny carved stone elephants from small to teeny tiny, a hideous 1970’s brown ceramic elephant that I love it is so ugly.  The list continues but you get the picture.  I even find myself purchasing an incense burner ( I have three already) a lily pad with two tiny blue elephants on it.  Why elephants, why now?  I ask and look up what they mean online.

The elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom, longevity and perseverance , it is the guardian (my last name means guardian too by the way) to the gates of heaven.  It is a symbol of mental clarity and a higher state of consciousness.  In my research, I discover that elephants are symbols of good luck, especially if placed at a doorway. I place my elephants at each doorway, to my room, to my house.  Good luck to all who enter here.  Good luck to all who leave.

Convivo, convivo, convivo quien?


2 thoughts on “The woman who collected elephants

    1. Hi Maria, I was very pleased to meet you as well. My friend Adriana and I are planning to go to your show this weekend. Thanks for visiting, and for the compliments. M.

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