Crazy Quilted Bird Doll

Wings and Tail of Myrtle the Bird

New bird “Myrtle”
Myrtle the Bird

This is the latest doll that I have created.  She was made as a companion doll to Alistair Crowley and is featured on his Facebook Page as his country cousin.  I had meant to make a crow but she looks like an entirely different bird.  (Even though I actually traced Alistair’s silhouette the final sew created something new, I am all for the happy accident.  I am really pleased with the gorgeous Civil War reproduction fabrics which I mixed together with a very modern looking flowered fabric and some Asian floral fabric.   The patterns do not naturally go together but I am pretty impressed with the result.  The Bird has a funny personality, she is a reserved bird with a taste for simplicity.  While Alistair is flamboyant his cousin is down to earth.