Steampunk in Fall 2010 Fashion

My obsession with Steam punk has been well fed lately.  I have discovered that several science fiction series shows are very much Steampunk, from Torchwood to Warehouse 13 to Sanctuary; it is also prevalent in many movies.  The appearance of goggles and dirigibles is becoming nearly ubiquitous.  I am discovering also that the Steampunk movement is in this years fashions for fall.  I have lost some upper body weight through yoga I guess and most of my shirts are too big.  Yesterday while taking out my fall clothing I noticed that I had at least 6 long sleeved tshirts which were too large to wear to work.  So I took my first paycheck of the year and headed out to the store.  The longer length A-line skirts, the ruffle fronted blouses, the use of lace and subtle flower patterns, the military style pants and jackets and the little newsboy caps and clothing with zippers and grommets are all part of what one would find when setting up a steampunk outfit.

I have purchased a new simple black A-line skirt, a cute little military jacket, a newsboy cap, and a pair of lace up calf high boots.  My daughter teases me when I get home, nice steam punk jacket Mom, nice steam punk boots Mom.  I have to laugh, I really just wanted a skirt I could wear long underwear under in the winter, and a pair of boots that would hide the long underwear, I wanted a jacket that had good pockets for walking the dog, and well the cap was so cute and back before I had my daughter I was known for wearing cute hats.  But honestly yes, I love the fact that this years fashions echo my steampunk beating heart.

Here are a few images from the internet

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