Art Mania

I am thinking of changing the title of this blog to art mania.  This morning I went to the Regional Market and happened upon a woman selling meat, from Sweet Grass Farms, meadow raised meats.   She was also selling lambs wool.  So I purchased about a 1/3 of a pound of natural colored wool to ply with my bright green wool.  Later I went to the Zen Center of Syracuse and helped my friend and fellow Zen-ie, hang the tags and clipboards and general assistance with the Silent Art Auction.  While I was there I watched the Tibetan monks working on an intricate and beautiful mandala made from sand.  There was also a dedication ceremony in collaboration with the Haudenosaunee people, a local stone sculptor has made a beautiful sculpture for the garden.  What a delightful blending of Zen, Tibet, and Original People.  I bought a prayer flag to hang outside on my porch, and I also bought a beautiful wall hanging that says basically that even in the smallest of families it is loving kindness, deep respect, and a good heart which is most important.  Love it.  I knit 7 inches on a baby sweater today too.  A good day for art.

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