CNY Art Guild art show at the Raddison

My friend Adriana is a wonderful pastel artist and invited me to the show.  The CNY Art Guild has their meetings on Thursdays so I am not a member.  The show was nice, not spectacular.  I am so much more of the avant garde art style.  I get bored with endless paintings of monarch butterflies, chicadees and cardinals.  There were however several pieces there that piqued my interest, one was of called hot and cold I think and it was an assemblage piece made of valves and temperature gauges.  (Can you say STEAMPUNK?)  another was a piece that I called best in show an assemblage called Dragon Fly over.  There was lots of nature photography that made me realize I need to get my butt in gear and print out some of my stuff because I know it is on the same level as some I saw there, and perhaps more marketable.   My friend Adriana does gloriously photographic pastel work, though and often of woodland scenes which is of course as I have said a thousand times or more where I am most at home.  While I was there a woman stopped me and told me about another art guild that is on Tuesdays.  Yay.  And gave me her post card, her name is Maria Janina Rizzo, as I was leaving my friend told me that this artist is having a show next week, so we are planning to attend.


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