New Dolls Rooster and Zombie

Rodney Rooster

This is a rooster that I had an idea for the minute I woke up this morning.  I made this one today and sold it but would have sold it again because a woman who had looked at it previously had said she would come back (which I hear all day) but then actually did 5 minutes after I had sold the other doll.  Shoot.  I cut out two others so I will make those and post.  Try as I might I could NOT get him to stand, one of the time’s he just fell backwards onto his but with his feet out in front of him so that is how he left my display.  A rooster sitting about.  He was really adorable when finished and little kids kept stopping to look at him while I was working on him.  LOVE it!

Spike Detail
Spike the Zombie

I named a previous Zombie Albert after my uncle, although that is his given name he goes by Spike.  He has been on death’s door a couple times due to severe heart trouble.  One time he actually died but was revived (it kept him out of Vietnam when he had his first open heart surgery around the time he would have been 18  or 19 I guess.)  Anyway over Thanksgiving he once again was at deaths door and came back.  So in honor of my Uncle Spike the Zombie.

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