Nemesis Kiss

I am sidelined by a dream, a dream in which I am being kissed, but instead of the kiss I am craving the kiss is from my enemy, my nemesis.  I want to escape but I am trapped here on this sinking  ship, I want nothing more than freedom and the kiss of a man who might want me now, desire me now.  Later as I lie awake in bed trying to burn the image of that hateful taste, I am like a rag doll.  I am limp with it.

I write in my blog about being a living creature of both dark matter and light.  I am on fire with a passion that cannot be quenched, but now I am here sitting on the ground next to a high speed rail as the train flies past stealing my breath away.  As the jet roars overhead I reach out my hand I can almost touch it, I feel my heat torn from my body.

It is cold here, and in the darkness I worry the pearl that is in the palm of my hand.  I can feel its smoothness and sense its lucent nature.  I know how beautiful this pearl is, but as I lick the bitterness from my lips I squeeze my fingers tightly over the jewel.  Will you not gently press them open again?  I wait.

Curio Cabinet - Nemesis Kiss - The Rag Doll preliminary drawing

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