Painting Sets

I am an art teacher, the third grade is performing Annie next week, so I have been painting the sets.  Today I worked on the Grand Staircase for Warbucks Mansion.  I put on Indian Classical Music and painted.  It felt really wonderful and inspiring.  I  don’t know what it is about Indian Classical Music, to be honest I haven’t listened to it very much.  I just know I love the sound of the tabla, the drum.  I am transported.  I float here amongst the stars, I find my body moving of its own volition as I paint the color of money on the walls.  As I paint gilded gold on the staircase.

I stand on a chair and look down at the flat canvas of the grand staircase.  I am not quite happy with it, but it will have to do.  I am my own worst critic, and I always have been.  Well except for this one time, when fiction was the story and my failure was the climax.  But the true story, it continues, and failure is not possible.  Each day brings its own sparkling jewel, each day is another layer of pearl.

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