When inspiration comes it is not to be stopped.  I have not thought much of the gargoyle, but then a recommended book has me looking to see what do they look like, the real ones.  Not just the garden statues.  It is like a Chinese dragon I decide half panther, half winged creature, muscular, fierce.   There is not any other choice but to doodle it, the dragon eye proudly displayed on my cousin’s wall comes to me.  I see the eye of the gargoyle.  Oddly in the story, there is a brief tale of a Viking and Odin’s eye, the eye of wisdom is an image that appears in my search for the gargoyle.  I am intrigued, it leads me deeper into the story, my own artistic inspiration.  The eye of the Norse God the eye of the Gargoyle.  I find myself wondering if the fake Christian hatred of all evil things will preclude me from inspiring my students, and immediately toss the idea out.  No sense in bothering, surprised that even dragons are too fierce for the tender impressionable minds of small children.  I feel a certain sense of not bitterness so much as sadness for the limited view that some people have of the universe.  Drooling gargoyle.  Doodled gargoyle.


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