Organizing your workspace

This little room that houses my computer is also my sewing room.  I have another room in the house which is a most impractical room for painting, too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer but I use it.  Perhaps if I had a big sunny conservatorial heated porch with lots of french windows I would be Picasso, but until then my art is confined to a space that stiffles the flow of acrylics.  But this room, this room is perfect for sewing.  It looks out on my bird feeders placed just so they can be seen from my sewing table.  And as I write a brief turn of the head and I can see over the roof of my neighbors house to the woods across the street from her.  A view which often draws me out of this room and into the bright or more often in Syracuse, grey day.  I have a pad of bristol board here too and often while I am chatting online or simply just bored I pull it down and doodle.

I am most of the way through a book called The Gargoyle and I woke with a desire to look at real ones.  Perhaps someday my life long dream of visiting France will ford me the opportunity to see a stone gargoyle at the Notre Dame Cathedral, until then I must be content with the flattened images of stone sculptures easily googled.  But now with my workspace cleaned and somewhat organized I have no excuses.  Look for photos. They are c0ming soon.

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