Watercolor excursions

In April I painted this painting of Fair Haven Bay.

Fair Haven Bay watercolor

It was the first watercolor painting I had done in many years.

Then I painted this picture of my friend Bill’s back yard.

Backyard Birch Trees

I sold both of these paintings to my sister-in-law.

I painted this picture near Crane Mountain, where a college friend was living.

Barn in the Adirondacks.

I also finished this painting, that I started in oils many years ago, honestly at the time I was realizing that my ex husband was not a very nice person, too late to do anything but try to make it work, but I never finished the painting until this summer, albeit in a very different style and mood than it was started in.


I also painted this which I consider unfinished, but I have not really been motivated to do the doodling necessary to get it done.  I realized at some point that I was utterly bored with doodling.  I am not worried, I know it will come back around again soon.

Pajarita Muerto (Dead Bird)

I am not fair on myself when I say I haven’t been very creative, I have been, just hasn’t been a stellar year for production.

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