Inspired by Ed Hardy

I think I was inspired to get my first tattoo after watching several episodes of Miami Ink, this week while I road mile upon mile on the exercise bike, I started watching NY Ink I just love Megan Massacre’s deconstructed pin-ups.  Now on the tattoo kick, it lead me to watch the movie Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World.  I think becoming a tattoo artist would be very cool, I certainly have the hand for it, just maybe not the drawing skills.  I started to think of what I might like to do for my next tattoo, saving money begins today.  I wanted to get a Ganesh in the Mehndi style on my upper arm and shoulder, but I wanted him to be riding a deer and holding a cardinal in his hand.  Then I saw some Ganesh tattoos and they are all so unelegant, so I thought maybe a tree of life in the Indian style, with tiny deer, elephants and birds in the branches.  I couldn’t find anything I liked so I started sketching a tree of my own.  It was not great, not really worthy of posting here, but as I was drawing the tree of life, this idea popped into my head.  

For some reason her name had a very steam punk sound to it, even though the doll was kind of inspired by some lovely East African dolls I saw at a craft fair, and also inspired by my long running symbol of the Earth Goddess.

I believe she will be a doll too.  It just looks like a doll begging to be made.  I haven’t made any dolls since I made the pirate monkey zombie this summer for the Pirate, my awesome boyfriend.  I think this one will have to be next.  I have been exploring a bit with doll construction, and replaced the dead drill so now I can make stands and drill holes for the dowels.  Lets see what I can come up with.  New years resolution, make art every day!!

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