Experiments with Micron Pen

Steampunk Woman
Experiments inspired by Megan Massacre
Experiments from the book Tattoo Sourcebook

Still working on this experimental stuff, playing with what I know how to do and breaking out of it too.  Taking the time to study other people’s work and style in order to improve on my own.  I have been really thinking alot about the kind of drawing I do with my students, all the pieces I toss out because I am just drawing with the kids, but then wanting to some how create work out of those drawings.  Make them more than the brief simple sketches they are, usually.  I know this work is unfinished and lacking any kind of sophistication, which ironically is a good description of me.  Still in need of sanding down the rough places, and without any guile whatsoever.

I really would welcome feedback.  Please!! Comment, Critique (did i say criticize?  No, a critique is feedback that attempts to guide, not roadblock or damage!) offer positive suggestions, seriously I am trying to grow here!!  Thank you!!

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