Blog Award? Me? Awesome!!

My blogger friend Nia of the blog Photography of Nia, just nominated me for the ABC blog award.  It is a fun award given to get to know the blogger a little better.

For a little history, the ABC award was originally created by Alyson and David Sheldrake of The Thought Palette.

It’s a fun award, because part of its purpose is to get to know one another better, by using the alphabet to say something about ourselves. Words, phrases, paragraphs, whatever suits you.

In Alphabetical Order about me… :)

A ~ is for Artist
B ~ is for Buddhist or Bigfoot Researcher
C ~ is for Compassionate
D ~ is for Doll-maker or Drawing
E ~ is for Elephants
F ~ is for Friend
G ~ is for God
H ~ is for Honest
I ~ is for Intelligent
J ~ is for Journey
K ~ is for Knitting
L ~ is for Love
M ~ is for Morgan (my daughter)
N ~ is for Naughty
O ~ is for the Outdoors
P ~ is for Pirate or Painting
Q ~ is for Queen of the Art room
R ~ is for Reading
S ~ is for Sancho (my dog) or Spinning (fiber)
T ~ is for Teacher or Tattooed
U ~ is for Unique
V ~ is for Voluptuous
W ~ is for Walking
X ~ is for Kissing
Y ~ is for Yoga
Z ~ is for Zombie Apocalypse or Zen

I am supposed to pass this award on to someone: 

3 thoughts on “Blog Award? Me? Awesome!!

  1. Dear Meg, you are so nice. I loved your answers and do you know, this is my second language and while I was thinking of my answers alphabetically, really it was difficult for me to find the words, phrase… But now, when I read your answers I said, ah yes these are my answers too 🙂
    Buddha, Doll-maker or Drawing, E elephant (most of my skirts have a elephant pictures ) F friend,
    Honest, Journey, and yessssss Knitting, and yessssss Love, and yes Paintings and yesssss Reading…. Thank you dear Meg, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  2. Congratulations on your ABC Award!
    As the originator of this award you may be interested to know that I have now set up a Facebook group for all bloggers who have been given the ABC Award – a place for you to meet new bloggers, and share and support each other. You can join the group here:
    Please also let any other bloggers, that you know have been given the award, know about this group too – then we can all ‘spread the word’
    I have also set up a Facebook page – the ABC Award – where you can now add links to all of your blog posts and writing – share your work with a new audience, gain new readers, and find out what other ABC Award bloggers are writing about.
    You can find the page here:
    Just ‘like’ the page and get started – and do let all your blog readers know about this page – I believe that all of our blogs can only be improved by letting our readers know about other blogs – that way you will also have new readers discover you too!
    Happy blogging – and congratulations again on the ABC Award – you’re awesome!

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