Booger Bigfoot on His Grand Adventure

Hi, my name is Booger, I was brought to life merely three days ago, the first word I uttered was not my name as most Fabric Americans do, but the words, raaahhhrrrrr wraaahhhrrrrr raahhhrraaaaarrrrrrrrrr.  The very next day my new Flesh American companion decided to take me on an adventure.  We traveled to a secret location in the Fingerlakes Region of New York to go on a Sasquatch hunting expedition.  There was a rumor of a Sasquatch siting along the shores of this lake and it was time to do an investigation.

Here I am chillin' it was windy so I took a break sheltered in these rocks.
Here is a really flattering picture of me.
Here I am strapped in and ready for an adventure!
Don't get too excited, the humans were just practicing so they would know how to take a casting when they find a bigfoot footprint in the woods.
Who is the KING of the hill?

While I was riding on the console of the truck, I told my new buddy, the Pirate, that my name is Booger.  To heck with the Princess of Art all she heard was me doing the Squatch call.

We actually ran into a couple and the man said he had seen prints along a marshy shoreline one time, so it looks like this lake is a good spot to do some Bigfoot Research.  Looking forward to going back, but the humans said we would have to wait until it warms up.  How on earth they manage without fur is anyone’s guess.

Signing off for now.


Giant Bigfoot


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