Two Birds

Crow Drawing

I drew this crow some time ago.


Chickadee Drawing

I do not know what to write about, but I want to post my drawings.  The chickadee one above I also posted in my other blog, along with a long essay.  Here i am at a loss.  I struggle to write lesson plans as well, although in my head they are beautiful beyond words, technical writing is not my gift and I look at the paper and blink my eyes, wishing I could get the poetry of my voice to fit into this mathematical confine, this lab work to mark itself with brilliant precision, its words shall accurately describe how much information my students will absorb and a clear outline of the increase of their test scores.  I forget my camera and find myself soaking in the day without the lens and computer chip and hunk of plastic bits and metal between me and the world.  Later I seek to draw a chickadee, it flows from my pen with a simplicity and ease.  I think of the crow I drew a few weeks ago and find them a perfect pair.  Alas, I have written, and there is nothing technical about it.  This is my art.  I continue to learn and grow each and every day.  I am no master, but I am a joyful participant.


5 thoughts on “Two Birds

  1. The crow seems ready to fly any minute from my screen… And the other lovely one, watching me if I give her some food…

    Dear Meg you are doing great and you did too. I loved these birds… You are the master of yourself… I mean your creative mind… You made me excited with these drawings… Thank you, keep drawing, just listen to your inner voice and enjoy and don’t think anything deeply… With my love, nia

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