Sunshyne Silverwear

There were several artisans at the Crawfish Festival last weekend one of them stopped me in my tracks the minute I saw her booth basically because they were so pretty.  I always love it when an artist reclaims items for his or her work and this artist had used spoons to create these really beautiful pendants.  What stopped me of course were the steampunk themed images, a bird cage, and a bicycle.  The pirate pointed out the om symbol and a buddha to me, and then I noticed an elephant, a butterfly (for my friend) and an owl (for my daughter).  I really thought the the black silhouettes were so elegant against the softly colored background.  There were also real flowers in some of them too.   I LOVED this idea of using spoon heads to make art, I always find it difficult to just throw out old spoons that I have collected over the years, the first ones I ever owned inherited from a man I knew at college, which he gave me for my first apartment when he graduated, we were just pals, but that silverware saw me through several years, until I married and used the money my mom gave me to get a all new matching set.   I still have that silverware in the basement.  I also have a whole box of mismatched silver that my mom has given me, I am not even sure where it is at the moment, but I have held onto it forever, but what do you do with it?  What an ingenious idea!!

Anyway her website is Sunshyne Silverware

Sign for Spoon Pendants
More spoon pendants from Sunshyne Silverwear
Sunshyne Silverwear Spoons

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