Some work from this fabulous artist I know

The last handful of posts were about others, and I have one more that I just haven’t gotten to from the Crawfish Festival, but I will try to post this week.  I have been working on the house alot lately and now that the weather is a little nicer have been spending lots of time enjoying the great outdoors.  This weekend was absolutely beautiful, and my dear pirate finally gave in to my begging and took me fishing.  He just bought a new carrier for his canoe, since he lost part of it on our way home last year from a festival in the southern tier, he just hasn’t yet had the time to test it out and figure out how it goes on the truck, but we went to the reservoir again and fished along the shores, he caught a bully, a red eyed menace, and with my sharp eye on a big fish, he tossed out and pulled in a bass, but we threw them all back, I got a little tiny pumpkin head. Later we fished along a stream hoping to catch a nice trout, no luck though, I did snag a few trees.  Only lost one lure though, and a pile of worms.  I am a novice, but years ago I caught more than one bullhead and sunfish in the canals and ponds near my home.  I used to love to fish with my brother, and today when he called to wish me a happy Mother’s day, he told me about some good fishing spots back home and I pulled out my tackle box and in short order located the lures he recommended.  I am loving fishing.  It is so awesome, but it is a quiet activity with lots of spare time, so I used it to watercolor a scene albeit with some artistic license.  The sun was brilliant and the shadows were really striking even from the distance across the water.

Watercolor of a barn by artist Meg Gregory

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