Photos of No Particular Consequence

Ocean Eye
Moray Eel
Shark with Sun Pouring In
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet

I put my hand in the water, there is a big one lying there on the bottom, quite out of reach.  But he sees me, I know it, I can feel it, I can tell he is judging me.  A smaller one swims by and swims by again.  I gently splash the water trying to call the bigger one to me.  I give up and step away and at just that moment he comes to me, I put my hand in the water and run it along the ridges by his eyes, the slick smoothness of his skin, the rough bumps.  Then I run my hand along the edge of him and to the hard bump at the very front tip, he wiggles it a little as I touch him, a subtle movement, but it is there.  I commune with him for some minutes, but we have dinner reservations and this was our last stop.  I walk away, touched in deep way, I have a new found love of this animal.  I have taken no pictures, not like the half hour I stared transfixed by the dancing jellyfish, turning on the light again and again, taking picture after picture.  No this is different.  I felt this animals intelligence, rather than being transfixed by my own.  Others were feeding them, one child was frightened, asking me, aren’t you afraid he will sting you.  No I say, he is so gentle.  He watches, unsure.  But as I leave he sticks a tentative finger in the water.

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