Colleen Brown’s Creative Outlet

I bought these repurposed fingerless gloves a couple weeks ago… the artist had several sweaters, if I had much spare change I would have bought one.  The pirate and I get into these discussions where I say, its too much, whereon he says, its handmade by an artist, its a unique one of a kind item.  Meanwhile inside my brain I am laughing because it is like my voice came out of his mouth – made even more funny because he says stuff all the time that make me think this way.  The other day he gave me a hard time for not weeding a tree out of his garden, I told him I wasn’t sure what it was so I didn’t pull it.  You know, he said, I like to leave stuff to grow, because I just want to see what it is.  When he says this it is another moment when my brain giggles… I am exactly that same way, it is a curiosity and a respect for life.  I love that about him, just love it.  And that he really appreciates art too, that he has his own style and it isn’t all cream and beige nor garishly bright, its kind of just right, he generally has good taste.

So anyway I love Colleen Brown reclaimed and repurposed sweaters and handwarmers.  If you get a chance check out her Etsy site.  Colleen’s Creative Outlet

Here are the fingerless gloves I bought

Way cool fingerless gloves from repurposed and reclaimed sweaters

I seem to like artist’s who tend towards reusing already existing products.  There was another booth and I just didn’t get their card or take a picture, and they used those thick Hippy sweaters to make the best carry alls.  And then of course the spoon woman and then Colleen whose sweaters were so unique that as an artist and a girl who is a bit crunchy, they really appealed to me.


  1. I enjoyed meeting Meg and so pleased that she likes my sweaters. It was my first time out in the big world with them and it did me good to get some feedback. I continue to work on my price points, and would always cut somebody a break on a price. If you check on reconstucted clothing on my prices are very reasonable. This is what I do for a living and spend hours upon hours in my studio making stuff. This is my choice and have made the decision to do what makes me happy in hopes that the financial aspects help me continue on in my creative endevors.

    I worked in Mental Health for 20 years and now need my Creative Outlet!

    Peace, Colleen

  2. I whole heartedly agree your prices are right on. I wish every day for more discretionary income, I also have begun to eschew buying certain things, like costume jewelry, preferring instead to have a few artisan pieces rather than a ton of junk. I would love one of your sweaters, one is on my wish list already. And the thing is that I sometimes have a hard time selling my handsewn, hand crafted, self created stuffed animals at a price that makes my labor and the unique quality of the craft worthwhile.

    Here is to somehow getting the economy geared towards feeding the aritsans rather than the corporate conglomerates of factory made goods!!! On my soapbox!!

    Peace right back atcha!!

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